Comprehensive Psychiatric Evaluations and Treatment for Children & Adolescents and Adults.

Initial Evaluation for Adults:  Dr. Chrisphonte meets with adults and performs a complete assessment with treatment plan and makes appropriate referrals, as necessary.

Initial Evaluation for Children & Adolescents: Dr. Chrisphonte meets with the child or adolescent and family and completes a thorough psychiatric evluation and treatment plan.  Sometimes with children and adolescents it may take more than one meeting to complete the initial assessment, formulate the treatment plan, and make the necessary recommendations.

School Evaluations: Dr. Chrisphonte also does school related psychiatric evaluations where recommendations can be made for children and adolescents in the classroom setting.

Psychopharmacology/Follow Up Appointments: Dr. Chrisphonte follows up with patients and manages medications.


Psychotherapy: In some cases, Dr. Chrisphonte is able to do psychotherapy for adults, children & adolescents and play therapy for younger children. She primarily uses an integrated psychodynamic and cognitive behavioral therapy approach.